Monday, June 18, 2012

Hair Kitty Kitty's Top Ten Workout Songs

Hello Beautiful Ones,

What's one thing that keeps me motivated?... Listening to music. Whether if I am in the gym, cooking, running, or walking, I love to have my music going. It keeps me positive and gives me the encouragement to stay active.

Here are my Top Ten Workout Songs, RIGHT NOW!!

  1.  "Turn Up The Music", Chris Brown
  2.  "Work Hard, Play Hard", Wiz Khalifa
  3.  "Rock With U", Janet Jackson
  4.  "Ray Bands", B.o.B.
  5.  "Take It To the Head", DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj
  6. "Lemme See", Usher featuring Rick Ross
  7. "Compliments", Tank featuring T.I. & Kris Stephens 
  8. "Heart Attack", Trey Songz
  9. "Do It Like You", Diggy
  10. "So Fresh", CJ Hilton featuring Nas

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