Thursday, July 5, 2012

90-Day Ab Challenge

Keeping It 100% Real. I need to Step My Game UP

Hello Beautiful Ones,

I WANT FIRM ABS! I am tired of looking at my pouch. I am ready to get in the best shape of my life. Maybe you desire the same. If so, JOIN ME!

I am about to embark on a 90-day journey starting today 07/05/12. I desire to be healthy overall, of course. Moreover, I seek ab definition.

I'm going to try an experiment: increase strength training, eat clean, drink a gallon of water/day, plus more to see if I get definition. I will keep you udpated on what worked and what did not work for me.

Me about 5 months ago

About 2 months ago

Me as of 07/05/12

Here is what you have to look forward to:

  • In-depth Meal Plan
  • Ab Workouts
  • Cardio Workouts
  •  My Measurements
  • Photos
  • Strength-training workouts
This is going to be my first Ab Journal so stay tuned for more information...


Hair Kitty Kitty

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