Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hydrate Yourself

Hello Beautiful Ones,
We all love a nice glass of sweet tea or lemonade; wine or champagne, KooI-Aid or fruit juice. But some of us avoid water like a natural sista avoids a perm.
Drinking water is very important. I know this has been said a million times, but ladies it is true.  Our bodies are estimated to be about 60 to 70 percent water. Your lungs, blood, muscles, and hair contain water. You need water to regulate your body temperature and provide the means for pertinent nutrients to travel to your organs and tissue. Water is needed to transport oxygen to your cells, remove waste, and protects you joints and organs.
You know how it is if you go throughout the day and you have not consumed any water. Your mouth gets dry, your skin and lips are dry, your voice cracks, you feel fatigued and/or light-headed, your urine is a dark color, and sometimes you may get a little constipated. None of these symptoms are attractive and they are a sign of poor health. You are constantly losing water through sweat, urination, and respiration. You have to put the water that is going out of your body back into your body.
There are many benefits to drinking water. Here are a few:
Lose Weight
Feel Healthier; Feel Less Sick
Reduces Cramps
Relieves Constipation
More Energy
Makes you feel refreshed
More likely to have a youthful appearance with healthier skin

Here are a few tips to increase your water intake:
1.  Drink at least 8 glasses or 64 ounces of water per day- One way to take the stress is drink one glass every hour or every other hour. Drink one glass of water every hour at work to get that requirement accomplished.

2.  Add fruit- add lemon, oranges, or lime for flavor. You can also freeze the fruit and use the fruit instead of ice cubes.

3.  Add a straw- this will make it interesting. It allows you to purchase a cute, insulated, refillable container that you can take to work or take on the go. Place the straw and take sips or big gulps.

4.  When craving junk food or soda, drink a glass of water. This will make you feel full and lessen the craving. Plus, look at all the calories you are cutting out.

5. Try water enhancers: Mio, Crystal Light, Special K are great choices

Remember before making changes to your diet, always consult a physician.
It is getting warm and we are participating in a lot of outdoor activities, so especially drink plenty of water.
If one of the tips listed above doesn’t work, try another tip or create your own. Health is about exploring different options that will work for you. Sometimes you have to be creative and inventive.
Good luck on your journey to optimal health!
Do you drink enough water? Please share tips that you to increase your water intake.


Hair Kitty Kitty

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