Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation Hair

Tips Women Can Use to Maintain & Style Their Hair While on Vacation

Hello Beautiful Ones,
Going on vacation should be stress free. You should be out having fun, relaxing and enjoying yourself. You work so hard so you deserve a vacation and your hair should look fabulous.  Since vacation season is in full effect, I want to share a few tips that can help you prepare and maintain your hair when you are away from home.

Cleanse and Deep Condition Your Hair
You should not leave home for a couple of days and not fully detangle, cleanse and deep condition your hair. Your hair should still display shine, fullness, and style while you are on vacation. I also recommend using a good moisturizer or water-based leave-in conditioner to combat dryness and frizz.

Be Prepared
Plan your hair around your itinerary. Plan your hairstyles accordingly. Also, think of day-time hair styles and evening hair styles.

Pack Light
Bring travel size products and bring what it is necessary to maintain your style. Make a checklist of what you need to keep your hair looking great- Cleanser, Conditioner, Leave-In conditioner, Styler/Gel, Butter/Oil,  Hair Accessories, Comb, and a Spray Bottle with Water (use this option to dampen your hair if you do not plan to wash or co-wash).

Wrap It up
Pack a satin scarf or satin hair bonnet to protect your hair and your hair style at bedtime. Keep your hair wrapped or covered if you are planning a road trip and have times where you sleep in your car. This will also make sure you are not losing moisture and shield your hair from any environmental hazards such as wind exposure and UV rays from the sun.

Here are some suggested styles for Naturals/Transitioners and Extension Wearers

Naturals                                                            Extension Wearers
Wash and Go
Wet & Wavy Extensions
Afro Puff/Bun/Braided or Twisted Updo
Half Wigs
Two-strand twist or Twist Out
Whole Wigs
Braids or Braid Out
Rod Set
Bantu Knot-Out
Braid Out on Extensions
Side Braid/Bohemian Braid/Fish Braid
Pin Curls
Rod Set
Straight/Yaki Extensions
Pin curls on Straighten Hair
Braids/Twists/Braided or Twisted Updo

You can also add flair to your hairstyle with a nice scarf with patterns, a fedora, sun hat, hair flowers, plain and bedazzled headbands.
How do you maintain/style your hair while on vacation? Please Comment & please post any photos of your vacation hairstyles.

I hope this information was helpful. Have a safe and delightful vacation!

Hair Kitty Kitty

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