Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Fitness Story

About 5lbs from being at my heaviest weight
At healthier weight with slight muscle definition
Hello Beautiful Ones,

For as long as I can remember I have always struggled with my weight. I was never obese or called “fat”, but I was overweight and it took a toll on my body. As an adolescent, I did go through what many called a “chubby” stage. Once I shed those pounds going into junior high, the cycle of inconsistent exercise and a poor diet continued. I would lose five pounds only to gain ten.
My relationship with food was like a love-hate relationship. I love to eat sweets constantly, but hated to eat veggies and drink water regularly. It wasn’t until college where I tried to take my health a little more serious; however, I went about it the wrong way. I tried too many diets, Master Cleanse diet, The Sacred Hearts Soup diet, veggies only, Special K and Slim Fast diet. None were permanently successful. They may have worked for the first couple weeks, but I would have a relapse, going back to fast food and junk food. I would work out like a maniac only to get burnt out over time.
I had to do something to change this cycle. The extra weight I was carrying (especially around my mid-section) made me feel fatigued, bloated, and insecure about the way I looked and felt.
I stopped trying these quick fixes. I wanted to develop a lifestyle change; a fitness program designed uniquely for me. What made me change was when I went to my annual physical I was told I had high blood pressure. I was only 25 years old with high blood pressure. So just because I didn’t look “fat”, I was not healthy.
Last year I got focused. I created my own meal plan, hired a personal trainer, and developed a love for running. I went from 173 pounds to 148 pounds. Honestly, I sometimes still struggle. I never got back to largest size because I would tell myself, your health is most important. It’s not worth having a stroke at 30, if you can do something about it to lessen the risk.
This year and beyond, I plan to further my commitment to my health. I had to change my views on exercise and nutrition. With maturity, I learned my goal is not to be skinny/thin, but to be fit and healthy. I set concrete goals that I will follow. I have designed my own meal plan. I also plan to make sure I am consistently exercising through various fun activities.
So, what I am trying to say is, you are not alone in your struggles with getting fit. It is not easy. There are no quick fixes; no miracle diets.  Fitness is about being in good health through exercise and proper nutrition. You have to put in the time and hard work. With consistency and diligence, it will pay off.
Read my post, Setting Fitness Goals, to get started with me on our journey to optimal health!
Hair Kitty Kitty


  1. I am so ready for the journey! Lets get healthy and fit! Great post Cat. Keep up the good work! <3 Janea

    1. Thanks, beautiful! I am excited for you. We will get fit & healthy together! Let's get it!