Monday, March 26, 2012

My Hair Journey

Why I Decided to Blog?

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Since I was a little girl, I can remember having a strong dislike for my hair. I would look at TV commercials and flip through fashion magazines and see gorgeous models of all races with thick, shiny healthy-looking hair. I would constantly say to myself, “Why can’t I have hair that looks like that”. 

I can recall the first damaging encounters with my hair: I received my first relaxer at 5 years old, I washed my hair infrequently, I wore tight ponytails (if you are from the South, you may remember black hair gel (styler), a boar bristle brush (mechanical tool), and Vaseline (moisturizer)… Yikes!), and I straightened my strands using excessive heat. I was tired of being embarrassed by the short broken hairs and dandruff on my shoulders.

Not only did I practice unhealthy methods, I was a style queen/weave connoisseurJ. I like to think I am relatable in the sense that I hated my hair so much that I covered up my damage with hairstyles. I tried relaxers, edge relaxers, finger waves, scrunch waves, big box braids, micro braids, tree braids, cornrows, quick weaves, weave ponytails, weave bonded to my natural hair, sew-in weaves, wigs- half and whole, short Halle Berry pixie cut, hard pin curls, hair wraps,  updo’s, French rolls, and even tried transitioning with a dry, puffy mane. You name the hairdo, most likely I tried it. During that time, my attitude was “It’s just hair & and mine will never grow.”

I continued this bad cycle throughout college and post-college. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to take action! I asked myself,” Why can’t I have healthy hair”? I was tired of being frustrated with my hair. So, luckily I was introduced to the wonderful natural hair community on YouTube and Thank the Lord! These beautiful, curly-haired women opened my eyes to hair health and natural hair styles. It was amazing to see a multitude of women who look like me achieve healthy-looking hair. Because of them, I am truly inspired.

I said let me stop hiding my hair under weaves and wigs (still love my extensions … now only as an expressive styling option), and truly embrace the hair God gave me. My mission is to understand black hair and the process in which it will grow and thrive. My agenda is to inspire you to use healthy hair practices that will not just grow your hair, but change your attitude towards your hair.

 I am not a blogger who will only discuss styling options; I will encourage hair healthy practices and techniques.  Furthermore, I, Hair Kitty Kitty, will do the research and document my hair journey (the good and the bad). Join me on the quest of health hair and we can succeed together!

Just wanted to end by saying my Mom, two sisters, Kim & Kells, planted the seed, YouTubers, provided motivation and demonstration, and the Heavenly Father gave me courage to inspire others.


Hair Kitty Kitty

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