Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yes, It’s a Weave! So What?!?

7 Creative Ways to Give an Explanation to your Beau on Why you Wear Weaves and Extensions

Hello Beautiful Ones,
Whether you occasionally or frequently rock a sew-in, weave ponytail, lace front wig, or half wig, there is always an awkward time when your new beau will ask you if you are rockin’ your real hair or sporting a weave.
The subject of weave has always been a sensitive subject in the black community. Other races of women wear wigs and extensions all the time. So hair extensions are not just exclusive to us. We have many reasons why we wear these pricey pieces: glamour, fullness, length, or medical reasons.  Do not be embarrassed or ashamed to tell him the truth. Show him that you are the style goddess you were born to be. Hair doesn’t make you who you are. If he likes you for you are on the inside, he will accept your weave.
If you need a little help, here are seven explanations that can be used. (Make sure you exude confidence):
“I love my real hair! I'm not bald-headed. I use weave as an expressive styling option. It’s like playing dress-up”.
“I wear weaves to protect my real hair from environmental hazards, such as the sun and wind”.
“I am trying a new hair color”.
“My natural hair is already beautiful. I just wanted to add length and fullness”.
“It is more convenient for me to wear extensions when I work out. You want me to look good right?”
“I get bored easily… I have to switch up my style”.
“I wanted to try this new look without cutting my natural hair”.

Even if he is still clueless about why you wear weaves, he will respect your honesty and confidence. As long as your weave is clean, smells fresh, and compliments you and your lifestyle, he will accept the true fashionista that you are.
Ladies I hope these tips will help!
Please share the comments you tell a guy when he asks about your weave!
Good luck on your relationship!
Hair Kitty Kitty

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  1. You can also say, "I'm growing out my relaxer... transitioning into a natural look".