Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Can’t Get Motivated

Hello Beautiful Ones,
Sometimes we all need that extra push to make us get in the “fitness frame of mind”. Whether you are content with your weight or need to shed some pounds, fitness and nutrition should always be a top priority. You owe it to yourself to feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside. Remember, it is not about trying to look skinny; it is about being healthy.
Stop with all the excuses on why you cannot find time to work out or stay healthy. 
Here are a few reasons and tips to help you get excited and motivated about your path to optimal health:
Ø  Set Fitness Goals
o    Refer to my HEALTH model on goal setting
Ø  Do it for yourself
o   You owe it to yourself to feel & look great
Ø  Do it for your love ones
o    Be healthy for the ones who love so you can share precious moments for a lifetime and you have the energy to partake in fun, family activities
Ø  Surround yourself with positive people
o    Discuss your fitness plan with those who you can trust and those who will support you
Ø  Discuss your fitness plan with your doctor
o    Sometimes a doctor does know best. He or she can assist you with creating a meal plan and help you resolve health-related issues
Ø  Look at a photograph of yourself when you were in the best shape of your life
o   This will remind you of how fine you were and how good you felt. ;-)
Ø  Get a workout partner, join a boot camp, or hire a personal trainer
o    They can give you the encouragement you need to stay active and you can track your progress together. You can swap healthy recipes, exercises, etc.
Ø  Download a playlist of workout songs
o   Download your favorite upbeat or inspirational songs to a portable device. This will make your workouts less boring. Listen to inspirational music while cooking. Sometimes the television with commercials showing tempting food ads can be distracting
Ø  Buy a cookbook
o    Purchase a Cookbook that is filled with healthy, nutritious recipes
Ø  Workout While Watching TV
o    You don’t have to be an athlete, gym rat, runner, or cyclist to workout. Create a workout plan, like squats, lunges, crunches, while you watch your favorite sitcoms or reality shows.
Ø  Buy a dress or pair of jeans at the size you would like to be
o   So, if your birthday is in August and you are a size 16, purchase a size 12 and work hard to wear your birthday dress.
Ø  Join a fitness support group
o   You will be surrounded by professionals and women like you who struggle with weight loss and need motivation.
Ø  Buy a fun workout DVD, upload YouTube fitness videos, or if you have cable, view fitness videos by choosing the On Demand options.
Ø  Make it a Family Affair
o    Take walks or jog with your kids and/or significant other. If you have toddlers, walk with a stroller. Walk the family pet(s). Cook healthy recipes as a family. This is will instill the importance of health to your children.
Ø  Ask Hair Kitty Kitty for advice

Now you have plenty of reasons and useful tips to get started on your path to optimal health!
How do you stay motivated? Please comment. I’d love to know.
Good luck on your new fitness program!
Hair Kitty Kitty


  1. Switched diet, started working out on a regular basis, and quit making excuses. Love the blog!!!!

    1. That's great! It seems you made a lifestyle change and that's what it is all about. Also, I am glad that you love the blog! Stay tuned for more and stay beautiful!