Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Importance of Setting Hair Goals

Hello Beautiful Ones,

One thing I love about us women is that we are natural at multitasking. We all wear many hats: Mom, daughter, sister, aunt, student, businesswomen, etc. With our lives being so busy, sometimes it leaves us little time to care for one of our most dear assets: our hair. You work hard, right? So, why not put that same effort into the heath of your hair.  I know it is hard to set aside time to really focus on your hair daily when you have a lot of things going on.

I believe one reason we get frustrated with our hair and do not achieve the healthy hair we desire is because we do not set goals for our hair. Like anything else you do in life you have to create a plan for success. In life you have to consciously put a plan into action to solve any problem that may arise. So increasing the health of your hair is no different.

So, let me make it simple. Use my HEALTH model as a useful tool in setting hair goals:

Have a specific plan and start now. Use specific goals. Don’t be too broad or vague.  Instead of saying, “I want long, shiny hair”, say “I plan to achieve Bra Strap Length (BSL) and achieve length and shine by moisturizing daily”. Also remember, it is never too late to put your plan in action. Start today.

Erase your negative attitude. During this journey you must remain positive. Negativity breeds failure. Please do not self-sabotage yourself with bad thoughts. You have to believe in yourself and believe in your goals. Start to appreciate your hair.

Attainable & realistic goals. Understand your hair is unique to you. Stop comparing your hair to others. Set goals within reach that will fit your situation. Use a common-sense approach.  An unrealistic goal is to have shoulder length (SL) hair now and expect your hair to be waist length (WL) in 12 months. A realistic goal is to have shoulder length today and plan to attain armpit length in 12 months.

Learn your hair. How can you expect anyone to know what your hair needs to thrive if you don’t know yourself? It is your job to understand what products and methods work on your hair. Do your own research when it comes to your hair. The hair care process is trial and error. By setting goals you can reduce the errors.

Track your progress. Write your goals down and create a hair journal. Take pictures of your hair. Strive to reach target dates. A time limit will give you a sense of urgency and increase your desire to achieve your goals.

Have patience. Hair growth and health is not a sprint, it is a marathon. On average hair grows approx. 6 inches every 12 months. There are no shortcuts. Learning your hair and what it needs take time. Don’t rush the process. Be excited that you are on a journey to become a more beautiful you.

My hair goal is to have full armpit length hair by April 2013. I plan to achieve this by properly cleansing my hair & deep conditioning weekly and moisturizing daily. Also, I plan to wear protective styles 90% of the time.

So ladies, I hope this info was useful. I just want you all to stay encouraged and with each gain in your progress, do something to reward yourself. Don’t stress or obsess over your hair. Set your hair goals & make this process fun and you should be just fine.

Please share what your hair goals are for 2012? I would love to hear them!

Good luck on setting your hair goals!


Hair Kitty Kitty

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