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Keep It Simple, Sexy: Section and Detangle

Keep It Simple, Sexy
Use my K.I.S.S. Method to Build a Solid Healthy Hair Regimen

Hello Beautiful Ones,

As I mentioned previously, each week I will highlight the components that I use in my K.I.S.S. Method of establishing a healthy hair regimen. Once you are discipline in your regimen it becomes second nature. I follow this faithfully, because it works for me. I have noticed that my hair is fuller: less shedding, tangles, and single strand knots. I use this regardless if I plan to wear a braided updo, a wig, two strand twist-out, or puff. 

Let’s take a look at the K.I.S.S. Hair Regimen:

Ideally, this process should be done every 7-10 days…

Section Hair

Detangle Hair

Pre-Poo (Optional)

Cleanse Hair (Co-wash optional)

Deep Condition Hair

Moisturize and Seal Hair

Protect Hair

The first step of the K.I.S.S. Method is Section and Detangle.

Tangles, matting, and knots can be very unsightly and painful to get rid of. If you notice your hair is doing either, you should detangle your hair immediately. It is very important to detangle your hair before you proceed with any other steps such as the Cleansing or Conditioning process. Only detangle hair when you are calm and have the patience to handle your hair with gentle care. If you are preoccupied or frustrated, you can cause more knots and tangles leading to unnecessary damage. Just remember your hair is vulnerable during the detangling process due to the pressure you place on your hair from the pulling and stretching. Whether you choose to detangle your hair wet or dry, do not assume you have to be less gentle with it. Always handle your hair with care.

The best detangling tool is your hands. Your fingers are superior to combs and/or brushes when you section and detangle hair. Your hands and fingers help reduce the stress of detangling and style manipulation. Fingers can feel for tangles that a comb cannot. The smooth padding of our fingers can easily detect tangles and knots. With your hands, you can isolate a knot and gently undo it  and can also remove naturally shed hairs. Use your fingers especially for hair that has been hardened with gel or a styler.

Now, I only use my hands when undoing my braided updo, puffs, or twists. I find myself hardly ever using a comb, and I have discarded my brushes as these mechanical tools can rip through hair, lifting the scales of the cuticle causing damage such as breakage. Now I not saying you should not use a comb or a brush. These are best after you have fully finger detangled your hair.  You can use a wide tooth comb or denman brush, but they are not always necessary. When you use a comb, make sure the teeth of the comb is smooth; free of sharp ridges. When using these tools, lightly stroke hair, starting from tip to root.

Never run a comb or brush through a tangle, because it can rip your hair out. Remove a tangle from your hair with your fingers until you reach the core of the tangle. Squeeze the core with your fingers by rubbing in between your fingers. Continue to loosen tangle hair by hair. This should loosed the tangle without ripping out your hair. You may not remove every single strand from the tangle. The goal is to be able to section hair without creating more tangles in the next steps of the K.I.S.S. Method.

If your hair is short, I recommend detangling during the conditioning step and you can add an oil to loosen any stubborn knots.

Hair Kitty Kitty uses the K.I.S.S. Method to Section and Detangle:

After my style is removed (Detangle on loose hair. Remove all hairpins, clips and adornments), I, almost always section and detangle on dry hair...

  1. On loose hair, I make a part with my fingers going down the middle of my head vertically so my hair is divided into two parts. Then I divide hair horizontally. The hair should be in four equal parts. Clip three sections, leaving one section loose.
  2. You can start with either side, but I start with my left side. I start with the back of my head on the left side. I focus only on the loose hair that I just separated.
  3. With my hands, I start from the ends (tips) of my hair to gently separate the strands... feeling for any knots or tangles.
  4. Once I have successfully removed shed hairs, tangles and knots. I finger comb my hair. With my hands, I make sure it  is smooth- making sure it is all going in the same DOWNWARD direction (same direction of the cuticle structure).
  5. With my hand, I part this section into two parts. Then I twist (you can plait if you prefer) each loose section, leaving me with two twist. Never leave the hair loose, because it may get mixed in with tangled and matted hair. Leaving it loose creates unnecessary work for yourself.
  6. Repeat this process until you have detangled all or your sectioned hair. When done you should have minimum 8 twists or  8 braids. You may require more depending on length and thickness of your hair.
Minimizing the use of combs and brushes will help to preserve the structure of the hair; therefore giving you healthier looking hair. Remember, your fingers are less likely to rip the hair and strip the hair cuticle. The K.I.S.S. Method: Section and Detangle helps to minimize damage and makes the other steps much easier.

Next, I will discuss the Pre-poo step of the K.I.S.S. Method.

Good luck on your hair journey!


Hair Kitty Kitty

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