Monday, May 21, 2012

Transitioning Styles

Hairstyle Ideas for Transitioning Beauties

Bantu Knot-Out

The two pictures above:

Coil Out

Flat Twist/Braided Updo

Twist Out

Three photos above:
 Braid Out

Roller-set/Rod Set


What is your favorite hairstyle?

I hope these photos help.

Good Luck on your Natural Hair Journey!


Hair Kitty Kitty


  1. I love the braid/twist out. Ecspecially during the summer,and while working out. Its easy to manage, less stress on my hair than pressing, and I still look great:)

  2. That is great, beautiful! It is all about finding the right hairstyle that compliments your lifestyle. You want something that is easy to manage & that is also stylish. Stay encouraged on your natural hair journey!