Sunday, May 6, 2012

What Every Natural Women Needs

Natural Hair Tools

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Understanding the importance of simplicity in building a healthy hair regimen is highlighted in my K.I.S.S. Method: Keep It Simple, Sexy Method. Moreover, I would like to display how certain tools that are necessary in perfecting the techniques that you use when properly caring for your hair. You can select what works for you depending on the texture of your hair and the length of you hair. The tools below are essential components of my K.I.S.S. of healthy hair care.

Your Hands                                                                  

Superior to Combs and Brushes for styling/detangling

                          Detangling Comb

Seamless wide-tooth combs are best. For longer hair, opt for com with longer teeth


Detangling/Shower Comb

Great to use on wash days. Most shower combs have rounded ends for gentle detangling

Plastic Hair Clips

 Great for sectioning when detangling and styling

Plastic Conditioning Cap

Great for Deep Conditioning and the Baggie Method for Moisture Retention

Spray Bottles & Plastic Containers

Great for Water (Moisturizing), Leave In Conditioners & Water- Based/Protein Based Hair Concoctions

Dark Glass or Plastic is Best for Essential Oils to reduce degradation

Micro-fiber towel

Gentle Pat Dry Hair After Shampoo, Co-Wash, Or Conditioning

Hair Pins

Make sure hair pins are soft and rounded. If tip is beginning to lift, discard it

Mixing Bowl for Mixing Hair Concoctions


 Great for assessing all areas of hair and scalp

Hair Stopper
Great for Sinks & Tubs

Ouchless Headbands and Hair Bands

Great way to organize and style moisturized hair

Denman Hairbrush
Great for Detangling Hair

What do you have in your natural hair care arsenal?

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