Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Ways You Can Style Your Hair for a Wedding

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Wedding Season is in Full Effect. Planning a wedding can be exhausting. You have to choose your dress, cake, plus many other things. Nevertheless,you and your hair should look great. There are many ways you can choose to style your hair. You can do something simple like a Bantu knot-out, rod set, a bun, twist-out, or braid out, and something elaborate like an elegant updo. You can add accessories like flowers, a tiara, and nice adornments.

Need some Hairspiration for a Wedding? Look at these elegant photos for ideas...

Hairstyles for a Wedding: Natural Hair

Bree from ANTM Cycle 5

Hairstyles for a Wedding for Straight (Not Necessarily Relaxed) :

Lisa Raye

Rochelle Aytes

Congratulations on Your Wedding!


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